Xenofon Razis live in Lake stage

Xenofon Razis is a Punkcoustic Street Folk singer songwriter from Athens Greece, also known for his powerful performances, working class background and antifascist lyrics he keeps a low profile and always active playing shows wherever possible.

Webzine reviews have named his style also as Irish Thrash Country Punk but he claims that he just plays music that comes straight from his heart and soul, screaming his guts out with an acoustic guitar and that's all it!

He's been touring two times Europe and more than five times around Greece since 2012 as a solo act (two Greek tourings also with a full band).

He released a 10 track full length album titled "Minimum Wage Adventures" on CD and a 7 track Ep on cassette titled "Athens City Prison". Now after a 14 day tour around Greek cities he is in the process of recording his upcoming new album.